© Twisted By Art, works with game development, illustrations, vectors, pixel art, 2D animations, and more.

About me

Hi, my name is Luan, 28, Brazilian, graduated in Graphic Design. I'm a full-time independent solo artist/developer.

I focus most of my time on creating varied games, illustrations, designs, and 2D animations. And working for the game industry is my biggest passion. ♥

I'm always working to improve my skills and looking for new challenges to keep me progressing.

I have different passions that inspire my work. So some projects are shared in specific brands...

© Undocosmic is about the cosmos, aliens, planets, psychedelia, life, science, sci-fi, and everything that goes into space or beyond.

© Popunk Pizza is for the underground world, about music, pop-punk, emo, skate, parties, and the like.

© Horror Fancy is for those who like ghosts, skulls, otherworldly creatures, evil aliens, slasher movies, and lots of gore!

Some of the software I use.

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